A longing for leisurely homeliness and elegance

Living in the country is all the fashion again. As everyday life becomes more and more technical, digital and hectic, we increasingly yearn for a refuge that promises peace, relaxation and nature. The modern country-kitchen style combines elegance and homeliness in the kitchen, unavoidably evoking images of lush forests, verdant meadows, century-old wooden floors and rolling fields.


A visit that will give you new perspectives.

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"We must obey the forces we want to command." Francis Bacon

Like no other, kitchens from our "Decor" line means slowing down after a day's work, convivial family get-togethers or leisurely weekends with Mother Nature. Combined with accessories and furnishing elements in natural "warm" materials, like wood, ceramic or rattan, they automatically conjure a sense of being at home and feeling secure. This is where traditional meets contemporary to find themselves in an accomplished symbiosis. Our "Decor" kitchens whet an appetite for a rural, modern lifestyle while at the same time being a recollection of an almost forgotten simplicity in life.
Decor is a longing for the country.

"Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you anywhere." Albert Einstein

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