A new kitchen generation –  by Stooxx

 We have created a, innovative kitchen concept that does justice to the young people's expectations and attitude to life. They see cooking and eating in a way that differs from that of their parents and grandparents. Nowadays, food is consumed on a more sustainable and more regional basis as well as more health consciously. A new focus of attention has become established in preparing food and also in terms of where it comes from. Whether through celebrity chef cooking shows on the TV, street-food markets at the weekend, slow-food activists in the social media or vegan lifestyle among friends – the young generation has a new perspective on the kitchen, cooking and mealtimes while at the same time reviving old values.

The young living lineA lifestyle of health & sustainability.

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"You have to be young to do great things."J.W. von Goethe

We have to pay tribute to this new kitchen generation by developing a dedicated line of kitchens and, on this note, say ... enjoy!

A visit that will give you new perspectives.

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