In the new Diction planning the focus is clearly on clean lines – metal in a variety of versions and finishes dominates.

Steel components, various wood types, consistent minimalism, coupled with fragmentary features, such as unrendered walls, are all characteristic of the on-trend factory charm, the impact of which imbues every room with a bizarre kind of homeliness.

Innovative details and fascinating shapes.


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"Culture depends on cookery.“ Oscar Wilde

Features, material & colours

When selecting the colour of furniture for an industrial look, the tendency is to go mainly with muted and earthy shades since they lend furnishing items a true vintage character. The new rational fronts in the colours super-matt black are the trendy colour components that make the look simply unmistakable. Elegant metal shelving looks light and airy whilst subdividing the wall at the same time. 

It's all a matter of inner values.

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