Putting the essential in a nutshell

Moving boundaries. Passion for the new, the unusual and the courage to go for an extravagant way of life removed from the conventional – this describes the character of our  models. It is the irrepressible appeal of breaking with the familiar. This is where art and creativity meet wardrobe and where architecture encounters an aspiration to rethink the established design mould. 

Living in harmony


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"Beauty of the splendour of truth." Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

For us, "Pattern" not only means the "here and now", it is much more about being ahead of time. Using new materials, developing new functionalities and reformulating ergonomic principles, this is what defines the philosophy behind this line of wardrobes.
We take away the non-essential to reveal the essence.

The young living lineA lifestyle of health & sustainability.

ИП Костенко Юрий Александрович
Мебель по индивидуальным проектам
Фабрика: Санкт-Петербург, ул. Профессора Качалова, дом 9A.   
Офис ул. Профессора Попова д.18. С 9-18, будни, по предварительной записи.
T +7 812 93I II I8